Volunteering and Traffic Duty

Parent volunteers are involved in every aspect of school life, from fundraising and campus repairs to field trips and event organization.

Parent volunteering is an important aspect of Alto International School. Every family is required to complete 25 hours of volunteer work each school year. There is a wide variety of volunteer opportunities available, ranging from fundraising, being a class representative, supporting the administrative team, and organizing social events, to helping our custodian with campus repair projects. Depending on interest, skills, and availability families can decide how they can best support the school. The Alto team is tremendously grateful to all volunteers who go above and beyond each school year to help us provide the best educational experience to our students.

Volunteer requirements:

  • 25 volunteer hours per family
  • Drop-off or pick-up traffic duty twice a year

Volunteer and traffic duty sign up:

Many volunteer opportunities are posted at the beginning of the school year. In addition, new openings are added regularly throughout the school year and are announced in the weekly school newsletter.

If you are interested in joining a volunteer committee, such as the annual fund committee or one of the social event committees, please contact the school office to learn more.