The Arts at Alto

Visual art, music, and drama are an integral part of Alto’s IB curriculum, allowing students to explore their creativity.

The preschool curriculum offers guided as well as independent exploratory art projects for Alto’s youngest students. Ample arts and crafts materials are available to children every day and range from crayons, scissors and water paints to clay and hot glue-guns. Elementary school art is integrated into the overall curriculum and art projects are often directly connected to the current academic unit. For example, while 4th grade students explore the basics of economics and product design, they are tasked to produce their own product which can later be sold at a fair (e.g. cookies or baked goods). As part of the art curriculum, students create marketing posters and packaging for their products.

Middle and high school students are offered visual art classes that allow them to explore different media and techniques. Students are encouraged to explore their own creative sides, keeping a sketchbook and trying out new ideas. Students often venture beyond the classroom, by participating  in events like the local chalk art festival or trips to local museums. In addition, Alto offers an after school art club for those students who are interested in further exploring their creativity.