The Arts at Alto

Visual art, music and drama are an integral part of Alto’s IB curriculum allowing students to explore their creativity.

Visual Art

The preschool curriculum offers guided as well as free, explorational art projects to Alto’s youngest students. Ample of art and craft material are available to children every day and range from crayons, scissors, water paint, clay to hot glue-guns. Elementary school art is integrated into the overall curriculum of elementary school students. Art projects are often directly connected to the current academic unit, for example while 4th grade students explore the basics of economics and product design, they are tasked to produce their own product which later can be sold at a fair, e.g. baking cookies. As part of the art curriculum students create a marketing poster and packaging for their product.

Middle and high school students are offered visual art classes that allow them to explore different media and art techniques. Students are encouraged to explore their own creative site, keeping a sketchbook and try out new ideas. Students often venture beyond the classroom, for example to participate in the local chalk art festival or to local museums. In addition, Alto offers an after school art club for those students who are interested to explore their creative side further.


Music and dance is integrated into the daily schedule of preschool children. Making music is a fixed element of circle time. Student perform for their peers as well as parents. Elementary school students attend formal music lessons on a weekly basis. The program includes music theory and history, singing, performing on Orff instruments and learning the recorder in 3rd grade. Students rehearse and perform on a regular basis. Alto’s afterschool program provide further musical opportunities for preschool and elementary school students ranging from the elementary school choir to various other extracurricular programs.

Older students take music classes throughout their time in middle school learning about music theory and history and giving them ample opportunities to plan and prepare school performances. Many units are project orientated, allowing students to write, plan and rehearse their own musical play. Alto music performances include all students with various musical talents, allowing every student to push themselves and explore their artistic potential.
In addition, middle and high school students have the possibility to join the school’s band program, which performs at various school and other occasions.


Make-believe-play and dress up are an important part of a Alto’s preschool experience. In addition, children are given opportunities to perform and create their own plays on a regular basis. This culminates in the drama unit, in which preschool students explore the theatre world by writing, rehearsing and performing their own play, complete with stage design, costumes, tickets sells and, not to forget, selling popcorn.

Continuing in elementary and middle school students rehearse and perform plays on a regular basis, which are often connected to their unit of inquiry. All middle and high school students have the opportunity to attend after school drama club which offers all interested students a chance to be part of a larger production. Plays often incorporate more than one language, highlighting the multilingual skills of Alto students.