The school leadership is comprised of the Head of School as well as the board of directors.

Sally Thorogood has been at Alto since 2012, and has served as Head of School since 2016. Sally has been an educator for more than two decades and holds a Masters in Education from Bath University. She brings deep experience to the school, ranging from teaching in the classroom to IB accreditation and implementation strategies. She came to Alto from Munich International School.

The board oversees and monitors the strategic and financial well-being of the school. Tasks of the board include the preparation and approval of the strategic plan, financial oversight and appointment of the Head of School. Each board member supports the mission of the school and serves on at least one board committee, such as the finance, education or facilities committee.

Members of the Board:

Sally Thorogood – Head of School
John Furlan – President
Robert Dobbins – Treasurer
Matthias Hausner – Secretary
Brooke Heckert
Kristen Hughes
Michael Schallehn
Beate Teufel – President of the Alto Parent Organization
Sven Weber