Celebrating Alto’s Amazing IB Diploma Programme Results

On July 6, 2020, Alto’s first graduating class received incredible news: 100% pass rate for the IB Diploma! Not only is this a fantastic achievement for any school’s first IBDP cohort, but it is also even more laudable given the challenges faced by students and teachers in the May 2020 exam session. On August 16, we received the exciting news that, in response to queries from its schools, the IB re-evaluated the grades for the session and adjusted some grades upwards. Every member of Alto’s class saw at least one subject grade increase thanks to this adjustment.

Our incredible Class of 2020 by the numbers:

  • 8 candidates
  • 8 IB Diplomas earned
  • 7 Bilingual IB Diplomas earned
  • 10 grade 7s, the top grade
  • 42 diploma points awarded to our highest achiever
  • 34 diploma points earned on average
  • 4 points above the 5-year global average of 29.83 diploma points [source]

This year, in lieu of the 3-week examination session, students had the opportunity to present original coursework for assessment for every subject. These pieces included oral presentations, essays, historical investigations, practical work in the sciences, mathematical explorations, art exhibitions, and more.

Dr. Siva Kumari, Director General at the International Baccalaureate (IB), said: “I would like to share my heartfelt congratulations with all 2020 Diploma Programme and Career-related Programme graduates for their efforts over the last two years. An IB education has always been about more than results and, this year, students have had to deal with a level of global disruption that has never been experienced before. Every IB graduate should be proud of their achievements, not just in reaching this milestone, but in the great flexibility and commitment, they have shown in overcoming such obstacles. We know that the IB has prepared them to be better learners for life–to be better, more critical thinkers, better at formulating excellent questions and finding the answers, and better suited to adapting to our ever-changing world. We at the IB wish this year’s graduates all the best for successful and fulfilling futures. We know that they will continue to make positive differences to the world as they progress in their lives and the many new normals.”

Our 2020 graduates join a community of more than 1.95 million lifelong learners in 152 countries around the world who have earned the IB Diploma. Universities across the world value IB graduates highly, and we are proud of the Class of 2020’s amazing college and university acceptances. We can’t wait to hear what successes and adventures they encounter next!

By the Numbers

Alto Class of 2020Global Diploma Programme 2020*
Total Candidates885,664
Diploma Pass Rate100%79%
% Bilingual Diplomas88%24.75%
Average Total Points3429.92
Diploma Mean Grade5.404.80
% of Students Awarded
2+ Bonus Points

*provisional data as of 28 Sept 2020

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