College Counseling

Alto’s high school diploma and the IB Diploma open the door to a world of possibilities. We strive to find the right path for each of our students.

College counseling at Alto starts right at the beginning of high school. Students in grade 9 and up regularly meet with Alto’s college counselor, who provides guidance and advice on course selection, extracurricular, testing, college visits, and much more. The Alto diploma, in combination with the IB Diploma, allows Alto students to attend their top choice universities everywhere in the world. We aim to support our students wherever life takes them.

As a small school, Alto’s college counselor and teachers know every student personally and can help each student to find their passion and ultimately find the right college for them. All Alto high school students participate in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program, a globally recognized, academically rigorous high school diploma program that is highly regarded by colleges and universities in the United States and worldwide.

Alto’s College Counselor

Brad Ward has been a college counselor for private as well as public schools for 13 years – including three at Alto – and prior to that, Brad was a college admissions officer at Bucknell University. Click here to learn more.