Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is Alto’s most important fundraising campaign. Thank you for contributing to it this school year!

As is customary in most public and private U.S. schools, Alto relies on donations from its families to cover the gap between tuition income and our overall annual operating budget. Lower tuition allows us to keep the school more affordable to a wider range of students and all donations to Alto are tax-deductible, while tuition is not.

This year the goal is to raise $1,000 per student. The Annual Fund is Alto’s most important fundraising campaign. It encompasses about 80% of our total fundraising revenue. The Annual Fund helps to ensure:

  • Competitive compensation for our amazing teachers
  • Advanced educational programs
  • New and exciting after school activities and sports
  • New and up to date teaching resources
  • Operating costs, such as keeping the lights on
  • Preparing Alto for future success

Learn more below about making the most out of your donation to Alto International School.

Alto International School is a nonprofit organization under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Therefore, gifts to Alto International School are tax-deductible.